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Donations top $2.1 million

November 17, 2010
Louisiana dealer group gives thanks for Katrina help

The National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation has completed distribution of more than $2.1 million raised to help Hurricane Katrina victims who are dealership employees. Donations by CATA members surpassed $30,000, and that figure was matched by the association. 

The NADCF distributed 4,201 debit cards worth $500 each. One thousand of the cards were delivered within three weeks of the Aug. 29 disaster that ravaged parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.


"There is no need for me to describe what you have seen on television except to say that what you saw does not come close to the real impact," Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association Executive Vice President Bob Israel wrote in a letter to his dealer association counterparts.


"More families than you can possibly imagine lost 100 or more years of family history in one day. Katrina cut down people at every level—rich and poor, young and old. No one escaped. There is one common denominator: heartbreak.


"There was, however, a shining beam of light throughout the disaster: the overwhelming generosity of individual, civic and church groups, car-truck state and metro associations, dealerships from across the country and the NADCF.


"At no time in the 30-year history of the NADCF have the members responded so universally and benevolently. You, the new-car and –truck dealers of the most generous nation on earth, did something very special.


"To all, I pass along heartfelt thanks from the sometimes tearful, always smiling, faces of the grateful employees of the Katrina dealers. They will never forget you."