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Dealers, Teamsters Local 731 strike deal on new 4-year agreement

November 18, 2010

Union members on Aug. 18 ratified a new collective bargaining agreement between Teamsters Local 731 and more than 100 CATA dealers. The four-year pact is retroactive to Aug. 1. The union represents stockroom attendants, garage attendants, drivers and utility employees such as drivers.


Among the new contract’s highlights:


  • Annual wage increases vary by job classification and seniority;
  • Certain contract-year wage increases eliminated for less senior employees;
  • Weekly contributions increased to the Health & Welfare Fund and Pension Fund;
  • Health & Welfare Fund "additional funding triggers" eliminated;
  • No Pension contributions for first 60 days of employment;
  • Probationary Period extended from 30 working days to 60 working days;
  • Loss of insurance coverage added as grounds for immediate discharge. 

The dealers were represented in negotiations by the CATA’s employee relations counsel, Dave Radelet of Franczek Sullivan P.C. Full details of the contract can be obtained from Radelet’s assistant, Mary Casto, at 312-786-6151 or


Union business agents are visiting the dealers involved in the negotiations to obtain dealer signatures on a Memorandum of Agreement which sets forth terms of the new contract. Dealers who were represented by Franczek Sullivan should execute the document.



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