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Dealers permitted 14 days to correct faulty billboard ads

November 10, 2010
Under the dealer advertising review program coordinated by the Better Business Bureau, dealers found to have an ad not in compliance with the Illinois Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations are given five days to respond and change the ad, to make it compliant.

But the BBB concedes that the five-day turnaround might not be possible with billboard advertising.

"The five-day limitation is too short to allow for changing a billboard that contains an advertising violation," said Patricia Kelly, senior counsel of the BBB-Chicago office.

"We have some experience here at the BBB with billboard advertising ourselves and determined that 14 days is a reasonable time period within which to change a billboard.

"We did talk this over with the Illinois attorney general’s office, and they agree that 14 days is the time period for changing a billboard."

Kelly emphasized that dealers would be held to the 14-day period to correct billboard ads; extensions would not be granted. The five-day compliance deadline remains for any print, broadcast or electronic ads.