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Dealers must stay connected with lawmakers: AIADA president

November 22, 2010
Auto dealers, Marianne McInerney offered, know what is necessary to create business. But the American International Automobile Dealers Association president said dealers are stymied from creating business when they must contend daily with government regulations that number more than 130. McInerney met April 2 with Illinois and Missouri dealers to review what the AIADA is doing on behalf of its members. She urged dealers to develop relationships with their federal legislators to achieve a favorable business climate. "We're the best industry to speak on how to create jobs," she said. "We total $700 billion in total sales, we're the nation's largest retail sector, we employ 1.2 million people nationwide, and we have payrolls totaling $48 billion." McInerney said she met recently with President Bush to seek regulatory relief for small businesses. Other matters before the AIADA: • Free Trade International automakers have opened 23 manufacturing plants in the United States. "We can't achieve free trade by building up protectionist walls," said McInerney. • Estate tax The tax would return in 2011, but lobbying efforts accelerated the phase-out date from 2010 to 2009. "The longer it's off the books, the harder it will be to return it to the books," she said. • Tort reform Sixty percent of AIADA dealers last year were sued or threatened with frivolous lawsuits. • CAFE standards Changes would have a sudden, significant effect on vehicle prices. McInerney said: "We can't allow the standards to be set by political whims. It needs to be done scientifically." • Lobbying The annual AIADA Legislative Congress in Washington, D.C. is May 18-19. To register, see the association's Web site,