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Dealer plates on Uber car?

August 28, 2015
To discourage customers from using their rented or loaner cars for ride-hailing services such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, dealerships should add language to their rental contracts that forbids such action, the CATA’s general counsel advises.
The suggestion came after a dealer who summoned an Uber ride was greeted by a driver in a car sporting a dealer’s license plates.
The language can be as simple as "Rented or loaned automobile is not to be used for commercial purposes," said the association’s counsel, Dennis O’Keefe.
As ridesharing companies have aggressively pushed their services into cities around the world, often not waiting for permission from local regulators, they have faced hostility from local taxi drivers who fear it is undercutting their business, as well as increasing skepticism regarding the trustworthiness of some of the rideshare drivers.
The drivers typically need little more than a commercial driver’s license to qualify to work. For more than a year, regulators in various cities have questioned whether Uber vets its drivers for criminal backgrounds as carefully as traditional taxi companies.
Uber, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, is already valued at about $50 billion by investors. The company has raised a multibillion-dollar war chest to finance a global expansion and move into areas such as food delivery.