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Dealer members give CATA a thumb's up

November 22, 2010

Dealer members of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association generally are very pleased with the services the CATA provides them, a recent survey of those dealers found. The most favorable aspect: the attention the dealers receive surrounding the annual Chicago Auto Show.

Twenty-four percent of the area's dealers responded to the query sent by Priority Mail in late September. Dealers roundly appreciate the various forms needed for vehicle sales that are provided free by the CATA. One form, which must be used for vehicle transactions conducted in a language other than English, is not available by mail. Instead, it can be downloaded from the CATA member Web site,

Most comments proved favorable about Franczek Sullivan P.C., the law firm which represents the CATA and its members in employee relations matters, including unionized workers. Since their retention in April, Franczek Sullivan attorneys negotiated the contracts of four unions present in CATA dealerships-Garage Attendants Local No. 731, Mechanics Local No. 1749, Teamsters Local No. 179 and Machinists Local No. 377. Most of those contracts received praise from dealers. The biweekly CATA Bulletin can be received by e-mail, making it easy to share the contents among departments. To obtain the newsletter via e-mail, contact newsletter editor Erik Higgins at

Broadcast faxes, a device used less frequently, earned mixed comments on their usefulness. More than half the survey respondents have turned to CATA Learning University for employee education, and nearly all comments praised the instructors as excellent. A new class begins next month for dealership management. (See story below.) Respondents gave the association an overall rating of 4.5 on a 5-point scale. More details of the survey will be reported after a review of the submissions by the CATA board of directors committee on civic and dealer relations. Committee chairman Bill Jacobs said the comments will help guide future efforts of the association.



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