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Dealer having bad experience with repo company

April 21, 2017
A Lake County, Ill., dealer wants to warn other dealers about his interaction with a Skokie firm he used to retrieve a vehicle involved in a fraudulent sale.
The company, Abbott Towing & Recovery Service, is trying to charge the dealer about nine times more than the agreed-upon sum to repossess the vehicle, he said. It has not returned the vehicle to the dealer after six months and lately wants to assess a daily storage fee to hold the car.
The dealer said he has heard from some of his counterparts who also had issues with the company’s performance. One said the company removed the dealer plates from one repo car and used them on other vehicles.
The Lake County dealer said, "Every time I talk to other dealers about (the company), they say, ‘Oh, no, not him.’ "
Moreover, the dealer said he learned from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office that while Abbott does hold a towing license, it does not hold a repossessor license, something that has existed in Illinois since 2012.
Police who visited the dealer about the matter told him they can’t act because he signed a contract with Abbott. The secretary of state has placed a hold on the title of the dealer’s vehicle, so that Abbott cannot try to obtain a duplicate title.