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Deadline to complete NADA compensation survey extended to April 1

November 17, 2010

The deadline to participate in the NADA’s biennial compensation survey has been extended to April 1. All dealers are urged to complete the anonymous survey online


Conducting the survey online ensures accuracy and economy, and it offers the quickest composite results. But dealers also can download a copy of the survey from the Web site and fax their complete surveys to the NADA. In such cases, the association code to enter for the CATA is 141. 

All dealers who participate in the survey will be sent the results free. Otherwise, the results would be available for $75 in an NADA Management guide, "Paying to Motivate, Update ’07."


The survey is an important tool to enable dealers to study industry trends in wages for more than 30 staff positions at dealerships of comparable size (volume) at the local, regional, and national levels. This year, the survey includes a number of new positions—BDC manager, IT/network manager, HR director, training manager, Internet sales manager, executive administrator, and receptionist. Data on fringe benefits are also collected and measured. 

The following excerpt, adapted from the introduction to "Paying to Motivate, Update ’05," explains the national survey report in more detail:


"The National Automobile Dealers Association collected the data . . . on behalf of 71 independent state and local associations that commissioned the NADA to conduct a compensation study for their members. All figures presented are for the calendar year 2004. Of the 22,900 surveys mailed, 3,787 (16.5 percent) were returned. Alaska had the highest response rate at 100 percent, and Indiana had the lowest response rate at 9.0 percent.  

"For the purpose of this study, the nation has been divided into nine geographic regions based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics divisions. The compensation statistics for each region are examined in relation to the average number of new units sold per dealership and the per capita income for that area.


"Salary (defined as total W-2 compensation—wages, salaries, cash bonuses, and other reported income—plus any salary deferrals) averages are based on full-year 2004 W-2 form information. Dealer compensation is not addressed in this survey.  

"For each region, column one shows the average salary for each dealership position without regard to sales volume. Column two shows that salary as a percentage of the U.S. average. Columns three and four show the regional averages broken down by unit sales volume. Column five shows the average for all dealers in the U.S."


Survey results are also broken down and reported by individual state and metro association. Questions can be directed to NADA E-Product Specialist Scott Harmon at 703-827-7412.