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DEAC starts presidential election year on record fund-raising pace

November 22, 2010
Fund-raising by the Dealers Election Action Committee in 20004 was the strongest January-February start in the committee's 29-year history, raising more than $254,000. DEAC, the political action committee and grassroots program of the National Automobile Dealers Association, exists to help qualified pro-dealer, pro-business candidates running for the U.S. House and Senate. "Let's do our best to keep the momentum going," said DEAC Finance Chairman Jack Kain. "As you know, this is an important election year, and we need to do our best to raise the funds necessary to support the pro-business candidates as well as our incumbent 'friends' in Congress." In Metropolitan Chicago, defined by the NADA as Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties, contributions by dealers to DEAC during January and February totaled $1,215, about 20 percent below the amount raised in the first two months of 2003. Contributions to DEAC amplify the new-vehicle dealers' voice in the ears of U.S. Congressmen. If dealers expect Congress to take the automobile industry seriously, then they have to demonstrate to Congress that every dealer takes political responsibility to DEAC seriously. Unlike many political action committees, 100 percent of all money collected by DEAC is contributed to pro-business, pro-dealer candidates who receive their support based on the written recommendations of dealers in their home state. Any fund-raising and administrative expenses to operate DEAC are paid for by the NADA. DEAC contributions pay for themselves many times over in the form of better, fairer federal government. Think of DEAC as political insurance: Pay DEAC now, or pay 10 times that amount later in the form of higher taxes, excessive regulations and mandated employee benefits. As a reminder, dealers with multiple lines should divide their contributions among the lines. Also, contributions to DEAC must be made with personal checks, not corporate checks. To obtain either a DEAC contribution or permission form, and for information about DEAC's grass roots programs, call 800-252-6232, ext. 7.