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Coupons, offers must not be limited to Internet

November 18, 2010

A sharp rise has been seen on area dealers’ Web sites in the use of coupons or other limited specials that are presented only on the Web sites.


Steve Bernas, whose Better Business Bureau-Chicago office monitors dealer advertising for compliance with Illinois regulations, reminds dealers that a vehicle must be sold for no more than its advertised price, and the price advertised must be available for everyone regardless of whether they have seen a special advertisement offer.


Therefore, Bernas said, "any limited offer to a select group, including but not limited to your previous clients, is currently prohibited under Illinois law. Additionally, as a reminder, there is a prohibition of the use of coupons in connection with the purchase of a motor vehicle in the state of Illinois."


Dealers and their advertisers with concerns or complaints about any current Illinois advertising practices should contact Bernas, the BBB-Chicago’s operations vice president, at or 312-245-2514.


Bernas’s e-mail address correlates with the BBB Web site,, which contains the up-to-date advertising regulations. Please remember that all correspondence with the BBB remains confidential in accordance with the current BBB-CATA Ad Review Program.