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Convertible sales dip slightly, but still strong

November 23, 2010
Chicago represented the fourth biggest market for convertible sales in 2002, and of the 10 best-selling markets, five are in the nation's Rust Belt, statistics from R.L. Polk & Co. show. Total convertible registrations in the United States last year reached 302,320, a drop of 2.7 percent from 2001. Despite the drop, 2002 was just the second year since 1973 that convertible registrations topped the 300,000 mark. The Chrysler Sebring topped the list of ragtop sales in 2002, after a two-year hiatus. The Ford Mustang and Thunderbird placed second and third, respectively. Los Angeles scored as the top market for convertible sales. Colder weather cities with strong sales included New York (2nd), Philadelphia (6th), Washington, D.C. (8th), and Detroit (9th). "Convertible sales are not restricted to warm weather climates," said Polk's Lonnie Miller. "Larger DMAs around the country are important convertible markets. However, when we look at retail convertible registrations as a percentage of overall passenger car sales, warmer weather markets come to the top of the list."