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Convention countdown continues

November 17, 2010
By Ray Scarpelli Sr., Metro Chicago NADA Director

As 2007 revs up, many dealers are preparing for this year’s NADA convention in Las Vegas, Feb. 3-6. Attendees will enjoy a full agenda designed to increase dealer profitability and maximize success. Keynote addresses by a distinguished lineup of speakers, new workshops, franchise meetings, and displays by more than 600 exhibitors are just some of the other "must-attend" events. Other key highlights: 

  • Making last-minute convention plans? You can register onsite in Las Vegas.
  • Keynote speakers include NADA Chairman William Bradshaw; Richard Colliver, executive vice president of auto sales, Honda of America; former professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard; and New York City Fire Chief Richard Picciotto, a World Trade Center collapse survivor, who will describe valuable success strategies.  
  • A new three-part series, Lifeline to Profit$: Workshops kicks off Saturday and will focus on cash management, variable operations, and fixed operations.
  • A breakfast and networking event exclusively for women dealers is slated for Saturday. For more info and to request an invitation, go to 
  • Minority dealers are invited to a special breakfast and networking event. For more information on this Sunday event or to request an invitation, visit
  • This year’s exhibit hall is better than ever with more than 600 exhibitors set up in two halls that cover more than 400,000 square feet. 

In legislative and regulatory news:


  • The NADA declared significant accomplishments for dealers as the 109th Congress earlier this month. During that Congress, the NADA successfully: gained bipartisan congressional support for the association’s proposal to require insurance companies to disclose vehicle total-loss data; reformed bankruptcy laws to create more fairness for dealers; provided a "safe harbor" for taxable highway tractors; and protected state dealer association health plans from problematic IRS rules. 

Also, the NADA lobbied to enact legislation to shield dealers from frivolous lawsuits such as vicarious liability and class action suits; repealed for two yearsNADA’s Unrelated Business Income Tax liability; made progress on estate tax relief; halted redundant and inconsistent consumer credit security proposals.


And, defeated onerous fuel economy mandates that threaten vehicle availability, safety, and jobs; restored the established business relationship exemption for the Do Not Fax rule; killed the so-called "right to repair" legislation; and protected the LIFO ("last in, first out") accounting method from elimination. 

  • Two new measures by the Environmental Protection Agency will benefit dealers. First, the EPA has reduced the burden for dealers who store oil (used oil, bulk motor oil, other bulk lubricants, gasoline, diesel) in aboveground tanks and containers. For more information go to or contact NADA Regulatory Affairs at regulatory 


Also, the EPA has mandated the use of a newly designed fuel-economy label, typically found on the Monroney sticker for light-duty vehicles, beginning with model year 2008 vehicles. The NADA generally supports this new label, which should prove more useful to prospective purchasers making fuel-economy comparisons among vehicles. For more on the new label, visit 

  • Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and a group of bipartisan lawmakers said they are working to end title washing, in which cars with major damage are sold to unsuspecting consumers.


Lott and the other lawmakers said they would press Congress to approve legislation that would require insurance companies to make the VINs of totaled cars commercially available so that consumers can investigate vehicles’ histories. Lott is sponsoring a Senate bill; Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) is the sponsor of a similar House bill. 

The NADA and other automotive industry representatives support the passage of such legislation, and I urge you to contact your U.S. senators and representatives. To confirm their names and addresses and telephone numbers, see "Voting Information" at click on Find Districts/Officials.


  • An expensive provision to exempt middle-class taxpayers from paying the Alternative Minimum Tax was put off until next year. Important health savings account (HSA) provisions included in the final bill allow for tax-free transfers from other accounts, such as flexible spending accounts, individual retirement accounts, and other health reimbursement arrangements to fund an HSA. The measure allows for $2,700 in annual HSA contributions ($5,450 for families) and now permits employers to make larger contributions to lower-paid employees’ accounts.  President Bush is expected to sign the legislation.