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Connexion has solutions to overcome 'Daylight Spending Time'

October 20, 2017
Shopping for a new vehicle is a visual and emotional experience, and lighting is an essential part of that experience. Energy-efficient lighting should especially factor into any dealership upgrades, as studies show dealerships use 18 percent more electricity per square foot than a typical business.
CATA member Connexion, the association’s energy efficient lighting Approved Member Partner, says that with autumn here, the days are getting shorter and we are entering "Daylight Spending Time" — the time of the year when inefficient indoor and outdoor lighting is illuminated for more hours to showcase vehicle inventories.
New, upgraded lighting not only makes inventory more appealing, it typically saves 30 percent to 50 percent of energy costs in the darkest times of the year. Between energy savings and elimination of lighting maintenance and utility incentives, a dealership’s payback typically is two years or less.  
To date, Connexion has helped CATA dealers members save more than $750,000 in electrical and maintenance expenses through upgraded efficient lighting.
Connexion offers dealer members a no-cost assessment of their indoor and outdoor lighting to help improve bottom lines and distinguish stores with better looking vehicles.  
To schedule an appointment, contact Brian Earl, vice president at Connexion, at (847) 499-8314 or