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Compliance reminder: EPA Body Shop Air Emissionos Rule

January 7, 2011
The Environmental Protection Agency’s rule governing hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) requires existing body shops to achieve full compliance by Jan. 10, 2011, and file a Notification of Compliance status form by March 11, 2011.
Specifically, dealership body shops must:
1. Paint only inside filtered, ventilated paint booths or prep stations.
2. Use high transfer efficiency application equipment.
3. Clean guns with non-hazardous solvents, in gun-enclosed washers, or using a method that does not involve atomized spraying to the open air.
4. Have painters trained and certified every five years.
5. Keep basic records demonstrating compliance.
The rule also:
a. Allows a shop to petition for an exemption if it does not spray coatings with any of the above-listed HAPs of concern.
b. Excludes the spraying of coatings from hand-held guns with paint cups of 3.0 fluid ounces or less.
Also, paint stripping involving methylene chloride (MeCl) is significantly regulated for shops using more than one ton of MeCl per year (very rare). Where possible, body shops should avoid the use of strippers containing MeCl.
A compliance training course is offered through NADA University. Questions on the new rule can be directed to NADA Regulatory Affairs at or (703) 821-7040.