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Compliance Chart helps dealers abide with federal standards, regulations

November 17, 2010

Every day, in every dealership, issues arise regarding federal regulations and how to comply with them. Are coolant and antifreeze disposed of properly? Do consumer privacy efforts meet federal standards as outlined in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act? Are service and body shop technicians using personal protective equipment in accordance with OSHA guidelines?  

Dealers need a resource to help them find answers to these and many other questions affecting dealership management. The "NADA & ATD Federal Regulatory Compliance Chart" is exactly that resource. Dealers can order the print version of the chart by calling 800-252-6232 ext. 2. NADA members can order a free PDF of the chart by phone or online at


The compliance chart provides a checklist-style overview of many federal rules that apply to automobile and truck dealerships. The NADA/ATD Regulatory Affairs staff has attempted to make this list complete. However, due to the large number of potentially applicable regulations and the ever-growing nature of the federal government, developing a 100 percent complete list is impossible (particularly in the area of tax). This second edition of the chart supersedes the first edition from 2003. 

The chart is organized alphabetically by regulatory agency. A short summary of each rule includes sources for further information. Symbols indicate where an NADA guide or bulletin is available. A key detailing each symbol is located at the beginning of the chart.


The chart also notes if the rule generally applies to car dealers, truck (medium- and heavy-duty) dealers, or both. Lastly, a check-off column is provided since the chart is designed in part to assist with internal compliance reviews.


Here’s one example of how the chart works: By looking under the listings for the Federal Trade Commission, dealers can find the section for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act): Privacy Rule, along with a brief note explaining the GLB Act and a notice that the Act generally applies only to car dealers.


The entry then lists a publication and other materials that are available through NADA’s Regulatory Affairs Office. Dealers also would find links to further information available online through the FTC.


Note: The chart covers only federal regulations. Many state and local rules also apply to dealerships. For specific legal matters affecting dealership operations, contact your dealership attorney.


This article is adapted from the second edition of the NADA & ATD Federal Regulatory Compliance Chart.