Chicago Automobile Trade Association

Cizek accepts Torchbearer Award

November 18, 2010

Editor’s note: The Chicago Better Business Bureau honored CATA President Jerry Cizek on March 21 with the the BBB Torchbearer Award, the bureau’s highest honor. Here is Cizek’s acceptance speech. 

"The Chicago Automobile Trade Association is proud to be in the company of those individuals and corporations who have extended themselves to their industry and the public and been so recognized by the Chicago Better Business Bureau Torchbearer Award.


"On behalf of the all the members of the CATA who had the foresight and determination to make the sales and service experience at their new car dealerships better for everyone, we all thank you.   

"Sure, an idea or concept to enhance the consumer’s dealership experience, whether in the buying or servicing of your vehicle, is significant, the many diverse parties to these discussions and negotiations presented significant challenges and opportunities.


"However, we did achieve our objectives, quantifiable advertising review and meaningful, independent third party arbitration.


"I would like to acknowledge the diligent efforts of Chicago BBB, the Office of the Attorney General and the CATA.  Together, we have made an impact that benefits everyone who buys or services their vehicle at a new car dealership.  In particular, I would like to recognize the officers and directors of the CATA who are with us tonight.


"Ladies and gentlemen, these are the individuals who should be standing before you to receive this award, for I am only as successful as the direction and latitude they provide.


"Thank you, I am humbled!"



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