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Chicago's minimum wage raised to $10/hour

July 3, 2015
The new Chicago minimum wage ordinance that took effect July 1 raised the minimum wage for all non-exempt employees at dealerships located within the Chicago city limits to $10.00 an hour. 
The hike is the first in what will be five annual increases in the minimum wage, culminating at $13.00 an hour beginning July 1, 2019. 
It is worth emphasizing that this increase applies to all non-exempt employees, such as clericals and service employees. It also applies to sales representatives — salespeople are exempt from overtime pay requirements but not from minimum wage requirements. 
Application of the minimum wage requirements to union-represented employees has been previously communicated to all impacted dealers. 
Questions regarding the application of this new law can be directed to the CATA’s employee relations counsel, Dave Radelet and his team at Franczek Radelet P. C., at (312) 786-6190 and