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Chicago ranks high as EV-ready city

November 10, 2010
Scandinavian electric vehicle maker Think rates Chicago third among U.S. cities as most likely to begin and benefit from the transition to electric vehicles, providing an objective comparison of the EV purchase and incentives as well as the market fit for EVs.

Think chief executive Richard Canny said his company’s EV-Ready Cities Index, released Jan. 21, "reflects the available government support, consumer acceptance, and the opportunity for EVs to provide the maximum benefits possible from electric drive."

New York City tied Chicago for third place, behind Los Angeles and San Francisco. Canny said that since EVs are a unique solution for congested urbanenvironments, THINK compared cities rather than analyze a national or state-by-state approach to EV compatibility.

The Think EV-Ready Cities Index examines account purchase and usage incentives—such as HOV lane access and infrastructure support—for electric vehicles as well as market fit, which includes factors such as hybrid sales, traffic congestion, EPA non-attainment zone status (air quality), and potential lower-carbon energy sources for vehicle recharging.

The Think EV planned for sale later this year is named Think City, which will have a top speed of more than 70 miles an hour and a range of more than 100 miles per fuel charge. Domestic manufacturing is in Elkhart, Ind.

Adding San Diego, three of the top five cities on Think’s scorecard are in California. "It is important," said Canny, "that we first establish a strong concentration of sales in key, highly attractive markets, which support early adoption of sustainable, zero emissions transport solutions."