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Chicago is top U.S. auto show, Automotive News columnist says

November 17, 2010

On the eve of last month’s New York Auto Show, an Automotive News columnist gushed about how the Chicago Auto Show compares to the country’s three other Tier 1 auto shows. 

William Jeanes, the former editor-in-chief of Car and Driver magazine, is a frequent contributor to AutoWeek and Automotive News. In the April 2 edition of Automotive News, Jeanes wrote, in part:


"If the auto show circuit were a Boeing 747, Chicago would occupy the entire first-class and business-class sections, leaving Detroit, New York and Los Angeles to squeeze into the coach section and squabble over the peanuts.


"Were (‘Chicago Plan’ architect Daniel) Burnham alive today, he would endorse the plan I now propose: First, remove the adjective "international" from the New York, Detroit and Los Angeles shows and return them to regional, dealer-based shows.


"That done, hold our national auto supershow in Chicago at McCormick Place and make it a show that fills us all with pride, a show that requires no excuse making.


"A major international auto show requires two things: a proper venue and numerous introductions of production and concept cars. The industry, as it has shown, can hold its introductions wherever it chooses; the venue advantage is tipped heavily toward the Windy City."