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Chicago Auto Show gains international certification for 2007 edition

November 22, 2010

The Chicago Auto Show now shares with three other U.S. auto shows a trait that, until October, was reserved for one auto show per country: accreditation by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. 

Referred to as OICA, the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles was founded in Paris in 1919. The organization’s membership comprises 41 national trade associations around the world, including all major automobile manufacturing countries, thereby covering virtually the entire motor vehicle industry all over the world.


Accreditation by OICA means an auto show is widely recognized and supported by OICA-member associations, and reflects the show’s impact on the market. It also attracts a significant number of international media. 

Since 1992, the Detroit Auto Show has been this country’s OICA-accredited auto show. The recent announcement adds the shows in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The latter three shows will rotate OICA accreditation annually.


"We view this as a tremendous opportunity to highlight our products and our industry to the international automotive press corps," said Fed Webber, president and chief executive of the U.S. Alliance of Automobile Manufactuers. "These are all unique, top-tier shows, and I am very pleased that our colleagues at the OICA recognized the diversity of our industry and agreed to this arrangement." 

Jerry Cizek, general manager of the Chicago Auto Show, said: "We’re gratified that the nation’s largest auto show has been rewarded with an OICA certification. Our latest expansion, combined with Chicago’s status as a world class city, makes it a worthy addition to the OICA calendar of international auto shows."


The new OICA arrangement rotates OICA certification thusly: Detroit remains a standing OICA show, plus Los Angeles in 2006, Chicago in 2007, and New York in 2008. The cycle repeats with Los Angeles in 2009.