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November 23, 2010

December is a time to look back, a time to look forward, a time to celebrate, and a time to count blessings. Looking back at October and November sales, which were up from 2002, NADA chief economist Paul Taylor is looking forward to 2003 as being the fifth-largest sales year in history: 16.6 million units, making the last five years consecutive record-breakers. November sales were up due to unseasonably warm weather in much of the country, strong incentives, and the repeal of licensing fees for Californians who lost cars in wildfires, according to Taylor. Department of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta recently visited NADA headquarters to address a joint meeting of the association's Executive and Finance Committees. He offered a brief review of his department's initiatives and delivered a report from the administration on the improving economy. The secretary thanked dealers and the NADA for our work on seat belt initiatives and urged our continued support of this critical element of highway safety. Chairman Alan Starling and the Public Affairs team reacted strongly to the unfair tarring of all dealerships by Ralph Nader's Public Citizen group, and to a "Dateline NBC" broadcast this month accusing dealers of fraudulent and deceptive F&I operations. Public Citizen even encouraged consumers to boycott dealership financing. Starling issued strong statements countering the accusations, saying the coverage was biased and citing research showing high consumer satisfaction with dealership vehicle buying transactions. He remarked, "To suggest that this is part of some kind of national conspiracy is absurd." While the NADA does not condone fraudulent dealership behavior, Starling said, "To indict an entire industry is a great disservice to the overwhelming majority of auto dealers who treat each of their customers in an honest and open manner." The media have picked up Starling's statements, bringing more balance and fairness to the coverage. The NADA's continuing advocacy on Capitol Hill and at federal agencies continues to serve dealers today as we push for more dealer-friendly considerations in fair credit legislation and telecommunications rules. To help dealers keep up with the ever-changing do-not-call rules and unsolicited fax regulations, the association offers a dealer guide, an audiotape of a seminar, and experts on staff to answer your questions. Information is also at https:// by clicking on the "Contact Help Desk" box. (For access, you must first scroll down the home page to register at and obtain an organization ID and password.) The 2004 NADA Convention and Exposition is certainly something to anticipate. If you're already registered, visit's virtual exhibit hall and planner to plot your route, set your itinerary and see what products and services will be on display. Hear from the NADA's great lineup of speakers, meet the new officers and board members, and find out who will be the Time Magazine Quality Dealer. The exposition-our largest ever-will feature great new products and services. Also look for a new NADA F&I video training program and a new CD-ROM that replaces the massive binders of workshop handouts with a single disk. Advance registration ended Dec. 19; it resumes onsite, at a higher fee. Congratulations go to your association magazine, NADA's AutoExec, which won two gold, one silver, and two bronze awards for feature writing and design from the International Automotive Media Association Foundation. Coverage of the NADA's 2003 Convention and Exposition on NADA-TV also won an IAMA bronze. In other news: • The results of the NADA's Dealer Service Provider survey should reach dealers' mailboxes this month, with information on how various DSP vendors ranked in customer satisfaction. The information, also posted at under Technology, includes a list of providers and tips on selecting the best vendor for your dealership. • I hope you're all using NADAExpress Internet home page to make your day easier. It's a personal planner that presents information customized to your specifications. Select from NADA information, online publications, financial info sources, leisure pursuit sites, and other options to have what you need right at your fingertips-free to you, a benefit of NADA membership. • NADA continues to defend dealers and the franchise system in the media. NADA Chairman Alan Starling produced a forceful rebuttal to a J. D. Power article in the Wall Street Journal attacking the franchise system. And NADA past president and Automotive Retailing Today Chairman Jim Willingham pointed out the fallacies of severalnews articles claiming consumers complained most  frequently about the car-buying experience. As always, as your NADA board member, I stand ready to bring your views to the national office, and national office news to you, so keep in touch. And have a wonderful holiday season.