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Certification needed to move hazardous waste

November 23, 2010
Having proper training and certification for dealership parts and service staff who handle hazardous materials is underscored by an August investigation of a New Jersey dealership by an agent of the Federal Aviation Administration's security and hazardous materials division, as well as increased scrutiny of hazmat shipments since the incidents of Sept. 11, 2001. The hazmat disquiet in New Jersey concerned dealership parts employees who shipped air bags airborne via Federal Express. The employees properly included a declaration of dangerous goods with the shipment. Unfortunately, the dealership failed to train its parts employees on hazmat shipping and receiving. Dangerous goods shipped by air must always be properly packaged, marked, described, classed and labeled. While per-violation penalties can reach $30,000, the New Jersey dealer escaped with a warning. The parts director immediately discontinued shipments until two parts employees who handle hazmat were sent to day-long training classes. Other items considered hazmat include liquid-filled shocks, batteries, paints, chemicals, and hazardous wastes off-site. "A Dealer Guide to the Federal Hazmat Transportation Regulations," an NADA publication, can be used as an in-house training and certification document. To order the NADA guide, call 800-252-6232, ext. 2. Outside training classes also is an option. Remember to keep any certification on file for each employee trained.