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CATA's new odometer statements actually are same old same old

December 19, 2014
New packages of odometer statements from the CATA, one of several important forms that the association offers free to its dealer members, appear to be different than the past version. They are, but only to the extent that printers will have to be reprogrammed to print at different spots on the form.
After the dealer association recently started circulating the new form, which displays a blue hue where information must be inputted, several dealerships called the CATA about the difference. One even challenged its validity.
Not only is the new form valid, it is part of the Reynolds and Reynolds LAW contract series. Every LAW contract, widely accepted and available in all 50 states, is reviewed on a monthly basis by industry experts to keep pace with new legislative and regulatory developments. 
Dealerships can order the LAW ODOM-103-N Odometer Statement and other forms from the CATA by using the order form found at For assistance in programming a printer to accommodate the new form, use the following resources:
• For Reynolds & Reynolds Dealers, call (800) 767-0080 and select prompts 2, then 3, then 4 to reach F&I programmers who can assist.
• For all other DMS Systems, call the support center for assistance.
Dealers can use any remaining Odometer Statements previously received from the CATA until inventories are exhausted. The CATA has sent out the final shipments of the old form. That form has been discontinued and all future orders for Odometer Statements will be filled using the LAW ODOM-103-N form.