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CATA selects Hireology as a Recommended Consultant

January 4, 2016
The aim of the CATA Recommended Consultants program is to identify and recommend organizations that have a proven track record of helping dealers in areas of the business that can be particularly challenging to navigate and manage. 
In recognizing these organizations, the CATA believes that all dealer members can benefit from the expertise and services the selected organizations provide. CATA Recommended Consultants are independent organizations not tied to the sales process of any individual product or service and have agreed to offer special pricing to CATA member dealers. Please see this overview of the association’s newest Recommended Consultant, Hireology: 
Hireology is the only recruiting and hiring platform focused solely on helping franchised auto dealers improve their teams. They help hundreds of dealers and their management teams to navigate the entire recruiting and hiring process using technology coupled with people support. 
Hireology helps dealerships create custom career sites, source applicants, screen, interview, verify and select the best person for the job. The only competitive advantages in this changing landscape are the people working in the store. Hireology can help dealers to ensure that their people are a source of competitive differentiation in this market. Hireology’s value: 
• Reduce turnover 
• Reduce time to hire 
• Reduce legal liability around recruiting 
• Consistent recruiting budget 
• Improve dealerships career brand 
Hireology has developed a strong reputation for serving CATA members and comes highly recommended by their current dealer customers. When dealers must make decisions in this category, the CATA board of directors encourages dealers to reach out to Hireology to learn more about how their offerings may help your dealership.
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