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CATA selects 2 recommended consultants

July 18, 2014
The aim of the CATA’s new Recommended Consultants program is to identify and recommend organizations that have a proven track record of helping dealers in areas of the business that can be particularly challenging to navigate and manage.  
In recognizing these recommended organizations, the CATA believes that all dealer members can benefit from the expertise and services the selected organizations provide. CATA Recommended Consultants are independent organizations not tied to the sales process of any individual product or service and have agreed to offer special pricing to CATA members.
The Recommended Consultants program is new for 2014, and the initial partners are:
The Paul Gillrie Institute – Dealership Management Systems
The Paul Gillrie Institute has helped more than 6,000 car dealers in the U.S. and Canada to dramatically reduce technology expenses and get the right system for the right price and terms. The Gillrie Institute distinguishes itself by maintaining its position as the only consultant in the industry that does not have a business or financial relationship with any computer vendor. By completely eliminating any conflict of interest, the Institute concentrates only on the needs of its dealer clients and guarantees them the best discounts and terms from the vendors. Contact Wolf Geide at (800) 576-6959 or at
Austin Consulting Group – Risk Management and Insurance Consulting
Austin Consulting Group is the nation’s leader in Dealership Risk Management and Insurance Consulting.  ACG is a fee-only insurance and risk management consulting practice. ACG does not sell insurance or receive any remuneration from insurance companies or brokers. ACG’s loyalty lies strictly with its dealer clients. 
While an engagement can be designed in many ways to meet the needs of the specific dealer, most center around an insurance coverage analysis and the bidding of property and casualty insurance, including workers’ compensation. ACG does not consult in the areas of health insurance or benefits. Contact Roger Beery at (720) 528-8900 or
Both of these companies have developed strong reputations for serving CATA members and come highly recommended by their current dealer customers.  
As you are making decisions in these categories we encourage you to reach out to The Paul Gillrie Institute and Austin Consulting Group to learn more about how their offerings may help your dealership.