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CATA readies for centennial anniversary

November 22, 2010
Although a mention by Willard Scott is unlikely, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association marks its 100th anniversary of incorporation on April 20. At a time when just 8,000 vehicles traveled the nation's roads, local dealers in 1904 formed the CATA to advance business principles as relevant today as then, such as promoting honesty and dependability in dealer operations, and employing truth and accuracy in advertising and selling automotive products. The CATA will commemorate the centennial anniversary at various occasions this year, including at the association's annual meeting on June 17. The Chicago Tribune has devoted complimentary space in its papers to mark the 100 years of service. Half-page ads will mark 25-year periods on April 12, 14, 16 and 20. The ads are reproduced on the insert in this newsletter. "Dealers in this marketplace 100 years ago were prescient to form an organization to serve as a beacon for improved business methods and ethics," said CATA Chairman Casey Wickstrom. "When there's an even playing field, everyone-dealers and their customers-benefits." The CATA is one of the nation's oldest dealer associations, predating even the NADA by 13 years.