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CATA partnership with Aflac up and qwac, er, running

March 4, 2011
The Burke Automotive Group in Lisle is the first dealership to complete its Aflac enrollment under the new CATA/Aflac partnership. 
Ed Burke, group president, said: "I was skeptical at first. But Paul Jackson and his team of senior Aflac agents came out to my store and simply educated my employees on this new benefit being offered. The program didn’t cost me a dime, and my employees obviously appreciated the discounted rates, since 79 percent of them chose at least one of the Aflac plans that were offered—me included!"
All CATA dealers can take advantage of this partnership with Aflac. However, in order to take advantage of the CATA relationship with Aflac, the process must begin with designated Aflac representative Paul Jackson at (313) 808-0221. 
Said Jackson: "My agents assigned to the CATA accounts take the business seriously but we also try to have some fun. Plus, we’ve found the dealership employees appreciate the owners for allowing the benefit option to them."
Burke added: "It’s a win-win situation: The employees win with excellent rates and protection. The dealership wins because we provide an additional benefit to the troops at NO cost to me. In fact, my dealership saved about $2,500 in reduced payroll taxes by bringing Aflac into the store through Paul."