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CATA Learning U. gets instruction revamp

November 18, 2010

New instructors for CATA Learning University bring refreshed curriculum to the program that offers training for employees in several dealership departments.  

Programming begins June 19 with a new three-day course for emerging sales consultants. As a unique element, the course’s third meeting takes place three weeks after the first two days, to enable the recent hires to gain sales floor experience and share their newfound knowledge during the final session.


Other courses will be rolled out each month over the next year. The first several offerings are: 

Emerging Sales Consultant Training

        June 19-20, July 11

        July 19-20, Aug. 9

        Aug. 22-23, Sept. 12


Advanced Sales Consultant Training

        July 12

        Aug. 10 

Emerging Sales Manager Training

        July 18

        Aug. 15


Experienced Sales Manager Training

        Aug. 17 

Service Advisor Training

        Aug. 16


Lee Eddy and Vince Tunzi, founders of the Bloomingdale-based Catalyst Performance Solutions, LLC, bring more than 40 years’ automotive experience to their teachings of retail sales and management. The pair have trained, consulted and evaluated for Volkswagen of America, all General Motors divisions, Ford Motor Co., Mazda of North America, Toyota Motor Sales, J.D. Power and Associates; and many independent dealer groups. 

CATA Learning University tuition now is $360 per course, less than the rate previously charged, and 50 percent of the cost is refunded to dealers after an employee successfully completes a course.


"What we will be implementing with this new training program," said Eddy, "is a progressive and sequential learning experience that affords participants from every department and position the opportunity to improve their levels of performance, customer satisfaction and profitability to be among the best in the business." 

Register for the June 19-20/July 11 class by calling the instructors at 630-748-6048. Beginning June 16, online course registration and payment can be conducted at The Web site will identify all course outlines and training dates. Dealers also can visit the site to monitor the progress of their employees, or call the instructors.


Tunzi said: "Lee and I are very excited about this opportunity to share all of our learning and experience here, in the Chicago market, as this is our home and these dealers are our family. It is exciting to be able to focus all of our energies on dealers and employees in one of the largest and best automotive markets in the country."