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CATA embarks on relationship with Aflac

January 21, 2011
Directors of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association have approved an opportunity for dealer members of the association to benefit by accessing Aflac insurance coverage for their employees 
Paul Jackson, who previously worked in advertising with several local dealer groups,
now is Aflac’s lead agent in the new program that benefits dealers, the CATA and, most importantly, dealership employees.
For those not aware, Aflac coverage is completely funded by the employees who choose coverage. Aflac is a safety net of cash paid directly to the employee to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with any accidents or illnesses that happen to them or their immediate family.
The CATA board of directors voted to promote the Aflac program and Jackson as its designated agent for several reasons:
The AFLAC program costs dealers absolutely nothing. In fact, dealers can realize additional money to their bottom lines by not having to match FICA on the employee payroll deductions. The employees pay for 100 percent of the coverage they select.
• Paul Jackson has over 23 years of experience working with dealers including as vice president at J. Walter Thompson on the Chicago Ford Dealer Advertising Association (FDAF) account; and as a senior vice president at Campbell Ewald servicing several Chevrolet Dealer Associations in the North Central Region, including Chicago. Paul understands dealerships and how to most efficiently/effectively administer the Aflac program.
• Jackson is part of   largest Aflac office in the country. This office has the critical support necessary to effectively administer the program to CATA dealer members. His Chicago office has more than 70 agents. Among many accomplishments at Aflac, Paul won the coveted Illinois State Rookie of the Year award.
• AFLAC has agreed that, by working through Jackson, every policy written for dealership employees will generate revenue back to the CATA. That will, in turn, help support the Chicago Auto Show and other charitable events in which the CATA is involved. The revenue also will help the CATA recuperate lost manufacturers revenue during the economic downturn.
Paul will be contacting each CATA Dealer Principal to request a short meeting to provide details on the program and to help determine if it makes sense for your dealership at this time.
Paul and his team has been enrolling the dealerships of CATA directors in January; other dealers can expect a call from Paul shortly thereafter.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact a CATA director, or call Jackson at (313) 808-0221.