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CATA donates $60,000 to renovate Northwood University building

November 15, 2010

The NADA Automotive Marketing Education Center, on the Midland, Mich., campus of Northwood University, is undergoing renovation funded, in part, by a $60,000 donation by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association.

The center is the home of the university’s unique Automotive Marketing/Management program, making it one of the most recognized buildings on campus. But after 36 years of use and only minor updates and renovations, Northwood President Keith Pretty said the facility needs $2.8 million in improvements to bring it up to modern standards.

Constructed in 1973 with funds donated by the National Automotive Dealers Association, numerous automotive associations, individual dealers and others allied to the auto industry, the building has served thousands of Northwood students, automotive groups, both retail and wholesale, as well as numerous companies, organizations and businesses related to the automotive industry and beyond. 

"With its rich history and association to the automotive industry, the NADA Education Center has helped expand the understanding of this great industry," Pretty said.

Hundreds of Northwood students use the facility for automotive marketing classroom purposes and for hosting external groups to campus, and more than 3,500 students use the facility throughout the year.

The center also is used extensively by companies that visit to recruit students and conduct interviews.  The Northwood University International Auto Show utilizes the center as its central headquarters for coordinating all aspects of their student organized and operated annual show.

Pretty said Northwood is seeking funding support for the renovations from its alumni and from friends and associates in the automotive and hospitality industries.