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CATA board committees determined

November 15, 2010
Committee assignments have been made for the CATA board of directors for the current fiscal year, which begins each summer. The board includes 18 directors who sit on any of 12 committees.

All directors participate on the 2010 Auto Show Committee, which is led by that show’s chairman, John Phelan. Other committees:

Employee Relations
John Webb (chairman), Ed Burke, Mike Ettleson, Tom Gollinger and Dan Marks.

Civic and Dealer Relations
Mary Dolan (chairwoman), Dennis Bauer, Monte Scher and Dave Taylor; and Dave Sloan (CATA staff).

Attorney General Advisory
Gollinger (chairman), Burke, Desmond Roberts and Scher; and Sloan.

Secretary of State Advisory
Scher (chairman), Mike McGrath Jr., Marks and Roberts; and Sloan.

Media Strategy
Colin Wickstrom (chairman), Gollinger, Marks, Roberts, Dan Roesch and Webb; and Sloan; and Mike Hillstrom (advisor).

McGrath Jr. (chairman),Bauer, Roesch and Taylor;and Sloan

Kevin Mize, McGrath Jr.and Kurt Schiele.

Schiele (chairman), McGrath Jr., Roesch and Wickstrom; and Sloan.

Compensation Mize, Steve Foley Jr., Ettleson, Schiele, Phelan, Scher and Webb

Mize (chairman), Terry D’Arcy, Dan Feeny, Art Kelly, Bob Loquercio, Mike McGrath Sr., John Phelan, Mark Scarpelli, Bob Van Iten, Greg Webb and Casey Wickstrom.

The Nominating Committee consists of the current and past chairmen of the CATA board. The committee meets in the spring to consider candidates for the upcoming board of directors elections.

Directors can serve up to three three-year terms on the board.