Chicago Automobile Trade Association

CATA-approved Member Partners--updated

April 27, 2012
The Chicago Automobile Trade Association has identified a number of CATA allied members who offer programs designed to save the member dealers money. The vendors provide exceptional service and are working with the CATA to extend these benefit programs to our members.
The CATA has approved an opportunity for dealer members to benefit by accessing Aflac insurance coverage for their employees. For those not aware, Aflac coverage is completely funded by the employees who choose coverage, meaning dealers can enhance their employee-benefits package by offering Aflac without costing the dealership a dime.
CIMCO is a Chicago-based provider of dedicated T1 phone and internet solutions. The parent company of CIMCO is Comcast, which offers triple-play coax- and fiber-based services. The partnership with the CATA provides a redundant telecom solution for CATA dealer members.
Dealers are encouraged to take advantage of a partnership between The CATA and DealersEdge to provide high-quality training and informational webinars to dealers at a significantly discounted rate.
The CATA has negotiated for its members discounted credit card processing rates with First Payment Systems. All CATA dealer members qualify for guaranteed low rates through the CATA Bank Card Program.
Utility Management Group is a full-service energy consulting firm. The CATA encourages its members to explore the energy offerings of Utility Management Group, a licensed Illinois energy broker.
For more information on the association’s Approved Member Partners, or if you are interested in becoming an Approved Member Partner, please visit


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