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Businesses must post signs to accompany smoking ban

November 17, 2010

All Illinois business owners are reminded that they must post "no smoking" signs in their buildings by Jan. 1, when a law takes effect banning workplace smoking.


It will be prohibited to smoke inside all public places and most places of employment, or within 15 feet of any entrances to those places. A "public place," under the law, includes vehicles used by and open to the public, such as dealership service loaners and demonstrators.


Because the law is intended to shield the public and employees from secondhand smoke, dealers also should ban smoking within 15 feet of any vehicles offered for sale and from the visitor parking area.


An acceptable sign to post—"No Smoking" plus a burning cigarette within a red circle and diagonal line—can be downloaded free from the CATA Web site,http://cata.infoFrom the tan-colored bar along the top of the screen, click on the category, "Resources." From the ensuing drop-down menu, click on "Workplace Posters."


Fines for violating the new law represent a slap for the smoker—$100 to $250—and a punch for the businessman. The business owner shall be fined not less than $250 for the first violation, not less than $500 for the second violation within one year after the first violation, and not less than $2,500 for each additional violation within one year after the first violation.