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Bill adds 'education program' to used-car dealer annual license

November 15, 2010

A bill before Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn would require used-vehicle dealers to complete an "education program" approved by the secretary of state, to get an annual dealer license.

House Bill 2322 passed both General Assembly chambers unanimously. If Quinn signs the bill, it would take effect Aug. 1, 2009.

To complete the new requirements, at least one individual associated with the used-vehicle dealer—as an owner, principal, corporate officer, director, or member or partner of a limited liability company or limited liability partnership—must pass the course.

The program courses would be provided by public or private entities with an expertise in the area as approved by the secretary of state. Curricula, which have not been developed, must be approved by the secretary of state, in consultation with the attorney general and the Illinois Department of Transportation.

People who pass the program would be given a certificate that must be posted in the principal office of the licensee.