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AYES update

November 16, 2010
By Jim Butcher, Illinois AYES Manager
Current AYES activities include job shadowing by our qualified high school students. A big "thank you" goes out to all dealers who help provide our students with a first-hand look at the automotive service industry.  
This valuable experience fires up the students in ways unimaginable and further prepares them to work in a dealership as they gain more experience. To date, we have about 40 students available for job shadowing activities in area dealerships. 
For more information on the AYES program, please call me at 630-424-6020.
Chicago Auto Show
The AYES program staffed two booths at this year’s Chicago Auto Show.  About 275 high school and college students continuously staffed the The AYES Chevy Tuner Booth and the AYES informational booth through the show.
These booths provide a great opportunity to let the community know about the AYES program and the support extended by local dealers. They also give the student participants a sense of involvement and help prepare them to deal with customers and peers alike.
For many of these young people it is their first opportunity to be part of something on the scale of the Chicago Auto Show.  
Again, I would like to thank all the dealers that support and sponsor the AYES program in Illinois and northwest Indiana.