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AYES pamphlet explains system to groom techs

November 23, 2010
The automotive industry is facing an estimated shortage of 65,000 technicians, but dealers can take an active role in making sure they're not short-staffed someday. They can recruit and develop their own entry-level techs through AYES. Look for the pamphlet included with this newsletter for details about Automotive Youth Educational Systems. Nearly all automobile manufacturers support AYES, which operates at more than 330 high schools in 44 states. The five AYES-certified high schools in Illinois are working now to place juniors in job-shadowing sessions. One half-day session- morning or afternoon-helps give the students "a feel for the industry," said Illinois AYES Manager Jim Butcher. "Some students return to school and say 'It wasn't what I thought it would be.' Other students return all fired up about the experience," Butcher said. Students do no work; they merely shadow and watch. Insurance concerns are covered by the high schools. Dealers interested in participating the job shadowing program, or in AYES overall, can reach Butcher at 630-424-6020.