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Automotive loyalty leaders at 2002's midpoint announced by Polk

November 24, 2010

General Motors Corporation, the leader in overall manufacturer loyalty in 2001, retained that rank through the first half of the '02 model year, and Ford Motor Co. kept its lead in the overall make category, according to the midyear Polk Automotive Loyalty Award rankings.

Of the 14 winners of the R.L. Polk & Co.'s award in 2001, 11 remain leaders at midyear '02. New leaders emerged in three categories:

• Threatening two-time winner Subaru Forester, the Honda CRV is the midyear leader in the compact SUV segment, 11 percentage points higher than the overall category average. 
• The Buick Century, winner in the midsize car segment from 1998 through 2000 model years, reclaimed its lead. So far, the Century's loyalty rate is 10 percentage points above the segment average. 
• The Cadillac Escalade leads the fullsize SUV segment with a seven percent lead over the second ranked Chevrolet Suburban, the winner of the Polk Automotive Loyalty Award in its segment the past two model years.

In 2001, all the midyear leaders in the overall manufacturer and overall make categories remained atop Polk's rankings at the end of the model year. In contrast, just over half of the midyear leaders in the 12 model segments in 2001 won the award when the model year ended. "Various incentive and extended warranty programs offered by manufacturers during the last half of 2002 will play a key role in determining the final winners of the Polk awards, which will be presented in January," said Melissa Mullen of Polk.

"Building a strong base of loyal customers is a core foundation for success in the automotive industry," she said. "The ability to continually measure and monitor customer loyalty provides automotive manufacturers with a powerful means for gaining a strong competitive advantage." The Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards recognize manufacturers for superior owner loyalty performance during each model year. "Loyalty" occurs when a household that owns a new vehicle purchases another new vehicle of the same model, make or manufacturer.