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Auto theft ring could be operating in area

November 23, 2010
Dealers in Chicago's west and northwest suburbs this week reported that new performance cars were stolen in manners that suggest a theft ring might be operating in the area. One dealer said thieves stole a Chevy Corvette off the showroom floor after breaking into the dealership's service department and locating the keyboard. He said it was the first vehicle lost to theft by his dealership in more than five years. Another dealer has been victimized twice in the past six months, most recently last week, when thieves broke a showroom window to take the keys to a Ford Mustang parked outdoors. Dealers who have been victimized by similar thefts or attempted thefts, or who are aware of other such incidents, should contact the CATA's Erik Higgins at 630-495-2282. Higgins will consolidate all information for investigators.