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Auto Show admission raised to $10, but costs to dealers unchanged

November 24, 2010
Prices for Chicago Auto Show tickets purchased at the box office and via the Internet have been raised for the 2003 show, but the cost of tickets that dealers buy to give to their customers and prospects is unchanged, following recent action by CATA directors. General admission tickets for adults now are $10. The cost for seniors and preteens is unchanged at $5, and children who accompany a paid parent are admitted free. Dealers and allied members of the CATA can purchase two kinds of advance sale auto show tickets: one general admission ticket which admits the holder free and one ticket for weekday admission discounted to $5. The general admission ticket will be sold in packs of 100 for $600 each, a 40 percent savings to CATA members compared to box office rates. Weekday discount tickets will be sold for $100 for 100 tickets. That price also is unchanged, but the discount is more attractive for the holder-the $5 value represents a 50 percent savings on admission. "One goal of the new pricing structure is to attract more patrons to attend the show on a weekday, which historically is less crowded than the weekend," said Bob Van Iten, chairman of the 2003 Chicago Auto Show. "If we're successful, this change will make the show more enjoyable for our customers- no matter when they attend." CATA members will be sent additional weekday discount tickets at no charge to meet increased demand for them. "Even for someone who pays the full $10 admission price, attending the show is a great bargain," Van Iten said.