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Auto sales set for big second half

July 3, 2015
After much better than expected sales in the first half of 2015, U.S. dealerships are poised to enjoy a very strong second half of the year. So strong, in fact, that analysts are starting to raise their estimates for full-year sales. 
"A couple of months ago we thought sales would start to level off and maybe pull back, but now we’ve changed our forecast," said Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting for the consulting firm LMC Automotive.
Schuster has raised his forecast for total U.S. auto sales this year by 75,000 vehicles to a new target of 17.1 million vehicles.
What’s behind the higher forecast? The relatively strong economy, low unemployment rate and still lingering pent-up demand because the average vehicle in the U.S. is more than 11 years old.
Schuster doesn’t see those factors changing anytime soon. In fact, he expects a sales rate of at least 17 million vehicles for every month the rest of this year.
"This current run of strong sales has some legs to it," said Schuster.
The National Auto Dealers Association agrees. Its new forecast for 2015 auto sales is up 230,000 vehicles over its previous target, to 17.17 million units. The NADA also believes the strong second half of the year will continue in 2016. It’s targeting annual sales next year of 17.62 million vehicles. 
If the two years combine for more than 34 million new-vehicle sales, it would be the strongest two-year period of auto sales since 2000 and 2001.