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Assembly passes dealer bill to Ryan

November 24, 2010

Sure, the elusive task of plugging a $1.3 billion state budget deficit grabbed all the headlines, but Illinois lawmakers recently forwarded another dealer-related bill to Gov. George Ryan, to be signed or vetoed. A previous bill affecting dealers was sent to Ryan in early May. Legislators on May 31 approved House Bill 4353, which makes it illegal for anyone to install or reinstall in a vehicle any object in lieu of an air bag which is designed specifically for the make, model and year of that vehicle, according to federal safety regulations.

Another bill before Ryan, Senate Bill 1851, would expand the list of components on a new vehicle which can be repaired without triggering damage disclosure. Dealers now must disclose new-vehicle damage when the cost to repair the damage exceeds 6 percent of the MSRP. However, damage to glass, tires, bumpers and in-dash audio equipment can be replaced with OEM equipment without triggering disclosure. The pending law adds video and telephonic elements to that list. Dealers should contact the governor (217-782- 6830) to support the bills



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