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Another test-drive carjacking

November 22, 2010

A man on a test drive in suburban San Diego pulled a gun on a salesman and stole the car Nov. 7, police said. 

The carjacker showed up at the used-car dealership, negotiated a price for a 1999 Ford Escort and went on a test drive with the salesman, San Diego police said. They made a stop for the supposed customer to get some money and then proceeded to a gas station.


Police said the customer came out of the gas station with a magazine covering a handgun. He then forced the salesman to drive a short distance before he shoved the salesman from the car and told him to walk away. 

The salesman walked back to the dealership, which was less than a mile away.


The case is an important reminder to salespeople to follow all dealership procedures for test drives, including obtaining proper customer identification in advance.