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COVID-19 Resources

Dealers, in these trying times, remember that the allied member companies of the CATA are here to help. In no particular order, here is what several are offering:

Cottingham & Butler
Management consultants Cottingham & Butler have established a COVID Resource Center that includes a COVID Cost Estimator tool 

Resource Center:

Cottingham & Butler has an area office in Rosemont.

American National Skyline, Inc.
Specializing in window washing and power washing, ANSI is a CATA preferred partner. The COVID virus and remain on glass and metal 4 days. ANSI can clean and sanitize your windows and frames. We will offer a 15% discount to all CATA members. Contact Jim McCarthy, 630-941-8500 x165 or

Austin Consulting Group
Austin Consulting Group has compiled a webpage with resources for dealerships at The company also compiled Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Dealers needing our Insurance Advocacy - we are offering to defer payments until an agreed upon date when revenue is flowing into the dealership again.
  • F&I Advocacy - We have negotiated with F&I companies on up front advances to help dealers through this Pandemic.

American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc.
American Financial & Automotive Services is standing by, ready to assist you and your customers. The F&I provider and administrator is running on normal operating hours with necessary staffing levels. Contracts are still being received through the U.S. mail system and our E-Contracting platforms, American Financial Warranty Corporation, is still fully functional processing contracts and claims, and Dealership Development Managers (DDMs) are available to assist with needs as they arise. The company can be reached at (800) 967-3633.

Road Dealer
As we all know, over the past few weeks our world has been temporarily turned upside down due to Covid-19.  The Auto Industry has been impacted on a large scale.  As we were hit in 2008 and 2009, we bounced back.  This is only temporary and we will come back strong again.

As companies and auctions are shutting down across the country, we are not.  For the next 30 days, RoadDealer is here to help with whatever you need at this time.  If you need inventory or need to cash in and unload some inventory, our team is here to help you.

If you guys are working car deals and need a buy figure on a trade, we can push that out to our network through our phone app to get you numbers on that trade from other dealer members.  Especially right now, EVERY DEAL COUNTS!!!

Even if you are not a member of RoadDealer, we will do whatever it takes to help you unload your aged units, or if you need to buy cars we will help you too.  Please call Jim Battista at (708) 692-2280 or Carmine Rossi at (773) 895-9659, and we will do what it takes to help you in these temporary trying times.

Also, RoadDealer now has a partnership with Facebook. If there are any dealerships that need to list their inventory on FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE, please reach out to Jim Battista.

D.P.I./Dealer Profit Inc.
D.P.I./ Dealer Profit Inc. continues to be privately owned and independent. Unlike a captive representative, being an independent agent affords me the ability to be flexible enough to help dealers at crucial times like these by aligning them with various services and programs that fits each dealers' specific needs. The programs we offer are from some of the largest companies in their field and secured by nationally and globally recognized insurers. We have partnered with dealers in the Chicagoland area for 30+ years and have lasted that long by providing the dealer what they want and need.

D.P.I. also wants to make sure dealers understand the enclosed pricing is not a list of "Lost Leaders" (no fear of exorbitant price increases after the pandemic has subsided). Rather, the list is one is a list of products just about every dealer utilizes on a regular basis. Therefore, the pricing D.P.I. is providing is pricing the company is confident will be sustainable to build a business relationship for the foreseeable future. D.P.I. has many more offerings for our dealer partners, but the ones listed below would provide them with the most immediate and substantial relief. By utilizing the following products at average penetration levels based on a dealer that retails100 vehicles monthly, a dealer could realize annual financial gains of as much as $132,000.

D.P.I. looks forward to helping more dealers restore and grow their profitability both in the front-end as well as the back.

  • GAP Protection
    • 60month $109.00
    • 72month $169.00
    • 84month $209.00
    •   Antimicrobial Technology "It's like a flu Shot for your Car"  Prox $1.00 per car
    • * "All-In-1" Protection 5 year Coverage Tire/Wheel/Key/WS/Dent Covers most Domestics & Asian base models (Surcharge on other import & Luxery Models) 60month $259.00
    • * Exterior & Interior "LIFETIME" Environmental  L.T. $145.00
    • * Theft Deterrent Theft Protection FL 60month $35.00
Call, text or email Joe Spivak, SPIV62@AOL.COM, (630) 234-6200.

DSI Recycling
DSI Recycling, the exclusive Clean Burn waste oil dealer in Illinois, is now offering reduced pricing to all CATA members. From now until September you receive a 10% discount on all products and eliminate the high cost of heating your facility. Systems typically pay for themselves in three years, then the money you used to pay for heat, goes right back in your pocket. Over time, current dealers see savings exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars. Call Rick @ (309) 253-2666 for a free evaluation and let the savings begin!

Cox Automotive
Cox Automotive has a webpage with business updates during the coronavirus situation.

American Door and Dock
As an allied member and partner with the C.A.T.A. since 2017, American Door and Dock have been committed to serving the Chicago area dealerships for their commercial door needs. In order to help each other get through these uncertain times, we are changing the membership discounts that we extend to all CATA members for service calls.

    • $15 off an hour on labor ($145/hr from $160/hr)
    • 15% off parts
    • $95 per door Preventative Maintenance

This is a great time to while your facility is slow for us to get your doors running perfectly. If we skip an oil change we can damage the engine to our vehicles. Staying proactive on your overhead doors can save you 2.5 times the cost to make essential repairs.

American Door and Dock is offering an innovative, hands-free door opening system that can be retrofit to nearly any customer entry point. For more information, click here

We dedicate ourselves to staying the course with you as a partner and will offer the AD&D Partner Package throughout the rest of 2020.  I will be contacting your dealership to set an appointment to visit and survey your equipment to make short term and long term recommendations.  Please contact Toby Holtz to set up your first service call or if you should have any questions at (847) 815-5916 or

Jim Moran & Associates
JM&A is opening up free virtual training covering Sales, F&I, Service, and Leadership classes starting the week of April 6. JM&A's goal is to support your dealership's performance and profitability. Period. Due to the effects of COVID-19, we want to make our training more accessible than ever before.

Experience live, hands-on training in a 100% virtual environment completely free of charge, so you can focus on growth.

What if you could increase vehicle sales by 10%-20% per salesperson each month just by eliminating those common everyday sales obstacles every dealership experiences? Would you do it?

Would eliminating those embarrassing customer situations and lost sales excuses caused by failing to locate a vehicle, dead batteries, check-engine light and low fuel enable your dealership to sell just 1-2 additional vehicles per month? If you answered yes to either, let our team show you how easy and cost effective the OptimalTrax dealer lot management system can be for your dealership or dealership group.

Visit to schedule a no obligation online demonstration and a Return on Investment analysis during April and receive 10% off your monthly subscription fee when you sign up for the OptimalTrax service this year.

For our fellow CATA members, sign up for service before June 1, 2020 and receive an addition 10% off the monthly subscription fee (20% in total), plus 20% off set-up fees.

ACV Auctions
ACV allows dealers to quickly and efficiently liquidate inventory, delivering optimal cash flow in any situation. Most physical Auctions are closed. With ACV's market share dominance in digital wholesale, we are still selling vehicles for dealerships across the U.S. There are some great buys for dealers looking to buy and hold until the market returns to a more normal state.

  • ACV Auctions is open for business with thousands of buyers nationwide.
  • Review all used inventory and run non-core inventory on ACV.
  • ACV can inspect all wholesale at your dealership without interacting with your personnel
  • Titles and payments are guaranteed. Pay with ACH makes the entire process seamless and easy

Dealer Pay, LLC
What is happening around us is no joke. Dealer Pay is helping dealers maintain revenue as much as possible in all departments. Here is a short list of some functionality and what that looks like: 

  • Send Payment Request – Ability to send a secure link by text or email to capture secure payments for all card-not-present payments
  • Hosted Payments – Set up online link for customers to pay via your website
  • Dealer Pay Share – Share between 1%-3% of your processing fees ($100 gross sale = $103 net sale) / by presentation, department and dollar amount
  • Level 2 Interchange Optimization – Reduce card association fees by up to 0.40% on business and corporate cards

Dealer Pay can have your dealership up and running in 48-72 hours and provide dedicated training as needed.

We are in this together and we truly want to help as much as possible. Contact Dealer Pay President Julie Douglas at (314) 578-3142 and

COVID-19 has changed our lives, but we are in this together and all we be fine in the weeks ahead. The Oak Group is open on our normal hours and has a full staff ready to serve you. Business is still being received through the U.S. mail system and our E-Contracting platforms, Oak Services & AMS is still fully functional processing contracts and claims, and Dealership Development Managers (DDMs) are available to assist with needs as they arise. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to automobile dealers and financial institutions.

Oak Founded in 1975, The Oak Group is one of the oldest and most stable companies in the Finance and Insurance Industry. The Oak Group has a direct marketing force in certain select areas that specializes in F&I product sales, training, development, and technology to the automotive and financial industries.

Administration Marketing Services (AMS) was born out of the rich experience and industry commitment of The Oak Group. AMS is dedicated to bringing quality F&I products to the marketplace for Independent Agents to market in areas where there is no direct marketing force. This alleviates any channel conflicts

We can be reached at (630) 883-9770 or Visit our website at:

Dealership For Life
Dealership For Life has been serving the needs of automobile dealers since 2004.  We are a proud CATA Allied Member.  DFL's sister company, MetroTech Automotive, has developed Transform Sanitizer.  Transform is a non-toxic product that is highly effective in eliminating microorganisms and viruses including: coronavirus, H1N1, Hepatitis A, HIV, fungal spores, mold, mildew and bacteria.  Transform Sanitizer can be applied in under one minute and for a cost of less than $1 per vehicle.  It can also be used in high touch areas inside the dealership (such as showrooms, customer lounges, restrooms, etc.) at a cost of about $.04 per square foot.  Transform can be safely applied to touch screens, electronic components, leather and upholstery without the risk of damage.  Transform air dries in 5 minutes and requires no wiping. This is an FDA and EPA approved product. To learn more about keeping your customers and employees safe, visit or contact Sean Haverty at Dealership For Life, or Cell (708) 214-4871.

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