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AIADA wants 'chicken tax' on table at coming WTO meetings

November 23, 2010
With U.S. trade negotiators preparing for the fifth World Trade Organization Ministerial Meeting in two weeks, elimination of the 25 percent chicken tax on imported pickups is being pushed by the American International Automobile Dealers Association. In a letter to U.S. trade negotiators, the AIADA commended the country's push for an agenda of trade liberalization by advocating a "zero-for-zero" approach as a negotiating objective. Under such an agenda, all tariffs on imported products would be eliminated over a specified time-including the 25 percent import truck tariff. Detailed negotiations on specific proposals such as the chicken tax are not expected at the Sept. 10-14 meetings in Cancun, Mexico. But the AIADA is lobbying for the topic in the upcoming multilateral trade round. "Eliminating the tariff would enhance and foster competition in the light truck segment-the fastest growing motor vehicle segment- and benefit American consumers through greater selection, lower prices, and enhanced value," according to an AIADA statement. The ministerial meeting is the midpoint in the current round of trade negotiations begun in Doha, Qatar, and expected to conclude in 2005.