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AIADA takes umbrage with Obama's 'buy American' suggestion

November 15, 2010

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (April 30) – The American International Automobile Dealers Association responded to a speech today in which President Barack Obama asked Americans to buy "American" vehicles as part of our economic recovery.

"(The) AIADA objects to President Obama’s ‘buy American’ solution for the auto sector," said AIADA President Cody Lusk. "In today’s globalized economy, ‘buying American’ can mean anything from buying a Chevy Avalanche built by Mexican workers in Silao, Mexico to buying a Toyota Camry built by Americans in Georgetown, Ky."

"The real issue is that every car purchased in America today is a shot in the arm for our economy; a boost for car dealers, who are the cornerstones of communities all across this country; and a win for American consumers who have the opportunity to choose the vehicles that best meet their driving needs.

"President Obama must recognize that protectionist policies and statements like "buy American" have no place in America’s economic recovery."

The AIADA, established in 1970, represents 11,000 U.S. automobile franchises that sell and service import brands.

In a speech about Chrysler’s bankruptcy, Obama said, "If you are considering buying a car, I hope it will be an American car."

Obama described Chrysler’s bankruptcy filing not as a sign of weakness but as a signpost on the path to revival. He said bankruptcy gives Chrysler "a new lease on life."