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AIADA industry summit May 7-8

March 14, 2014
Registration is underway for the American International Automobile Dealers Association’s eighth annual International Auto Industry Summit, May 7-8 in Washington, D.C.
"As dealers," said 2014 AIADA Chairman Larry Kull, "it starts with us to ensure that our legislators and policymakers understand the impact their decisions have on our businesses. However, in the midst of running successful dealerships, we often overlook the legislative and policy threats that could undermine our hard work. 
"I believe that AIADA’s Summit provides dealers with one of the most practical ways to make their voices heard on issues such as trade, taxes, and government red tape."
This year’s Summit, themed "It Starts Here," will feature a packed program. Dealers and GMs will hear from Charlie Cook, Editor of the Cook Political Report, on the issues impacting this year’s midterm elections. Also joining: Jonah Berger, best-selling author of "Contagious: Why Things Catch On," to learn more about how products and ideas become popular and how we can implement some of these principles into our own businesses. 
Several automaker executives also will attend for the always popular industry panel discussion. Finally, dealers will have the chance to head to Capitol Hill and visit with their legislators. 
The AIADA will host an exclusive reception and briefing for members of The Rising Dealers Network featuring Brad Fitch of the Congressional Management Foundation. 
"I believe that the next generation of dealers will play an increasingly pivotal role in warding off regulations and legislation, but it is up those of us already involved to help get them on board with AIADA’s mission," Kull said. 
More information and registration on the AIADA summit is available at or (800) GO-AIADA.