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AIADA: Incentives help March sales gains

November 10, 2010

March sales of import brands, which account for 57 percent of all vehicles sold in the United States, were up 53 percent over February numbers, the American International Automobile Dealers Association reported April 2.

Overall sales, including domestic brands and unadjusted for business days, were up 24.3 percent from March 2009 and 15.5 percent for the year. The seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) for light vehicles now stands at 11.78 million, an improvement from 9.72 million units one year ago.

The AIADA credits March’s sales growth from pent-up demand and incentive offers that were simply too good for shoppers to resist. In response to customer concerns over it recalled vehicles, 

"Last month, consumers took advantage of unprecedented discounts on some of the most reliable, fuel efficient, and safe vehicles on the road," said AIADA president Cody Lusk. "The incentives prove Americans are ready to buy new cars,

Asian brands accounted for 49 percent of the market, up from 44.8 percent in February; European nameplates had a 7.9 percent share, down from 8.7 percent. Domestic brands finished the month with 43 percent of the market, down from 46.6 percent in February.