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ACV Auctions is CATA's newest Member Benefits partner

July 26, 2019
The Chicago Automobile Trade Association is pleased to announce the endorsement of ACV Auctions as the association’s recommended wholesale source to buy and sell used vehicles. With ACV’s innovative online auction marketplace, dealers can streamline the selling and buying process, eliminating excess cost and wasted time. 
ACV was founded and operates on the principles of trust and transparency, and the company works to ensure buyers and sellers on the platform have everything they need to be successful. 
With ACV’s condition report, buyers can have confidence that the vehicle they’re buying is what they expected and that the price they’re paying is fair, and sellers don’t have to deal with arbitration. 
In addition to all of that, ACV delivers increased performance for dealers. Sell through rates are higher than 50 percent; fees and associated costs are lower, allowing dealers to turn vehicles quicker; and they can optimize their cash flow and turn wholesale into a profit center. 
The CATA recommends that every Chicago dealership consider ACV Auctions as part of its wholesaling strategy. It will make a difference. Dealers across the U.S. last month sold and bought more than 19,000 vehicles from ACV Auctions. Auctions run every day, all day.