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CATA Works For You

ASSOCIATION WEBSITE - is the CATA's website. It is intended to be an information clearinghouse exclusively for new-car dealerships. With the simple click of a mouse, provides the necessary information, forms, and tools to make your dealership more efficient. The information on the CATA website is available free to all members, also exclusively.
At the CATA website you'll find the following:
  • CATA Officers, Board and Staff
  • CATA Office Location
  • CATA Meeting Facilities
  • CATA Bulletins
  • Chicago Auto Outlook Sales Forecasts
  • Illinois Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations
  • Illinois Motor Vehicle Franchise Act
  • Illinois Automotive Repair Act
  • Illinois Automotive Collision Repair Act
  • CATA Attorney Contacts
  • CATA Legislative Consultants
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Dealer Forms
  • Workplace Posters
  • CATA Bulletin - The biweekly CATA Bulletin is an electronic newsletter to keep dealership personnel aware of the latest news, legislation and regulations that affect their daily operations. You'll find that the information the newsletter contains will be of value to many of your operation's departments. For information or to reach the editor, contact Erik Higgins at Also contact Higgins to add email addresses to the distribution list.
  • Chicago Auto Outlook newsletters - "Auto Outlook" is a monthly synopsis of market trends and indicators prepared for CATA members, to give dealers a statistical comparison of how the Chicago area is doing in relationship to the entire country's sales. The "Outlook" also gives data for personal analysis of market performance, including other forces which may affect local sales. A historical record of the market will assist our dealer members in making good choices about sales in our market.
  • New-Car Dealer Advertising Campaign - The CATA continues to dedicate funding to help promote local dealerships. Various and timely radio campaigns, ranging from why it's best to "buy a used car from a new-car store" to reasons why the dealer is the best place to have vehicle service performed, are produced and purchased by the association. The impact is significant and helps our dealers' image in the market. Leasing has been a recent emphasis.
  • Seminar Series - A wide variety of seminars enables members to learn more about issues that affect them. Topics range from operational improvements to regulatory compliance to legislative issues. Seminars are free to CATA members and are announced in both the CATA Bulletin and in separately circulated promotional notices.
  • DriveChicago on WLS-AM 890 - From new cars to classic cars, from racing to technology, the DriveChicago radio show delivers a lively and frank discussion of everything automotive. Hosted by familiar Chicago radio news voice Rob Martier and backed by longtime automotive expert Mark Bilek and enthusiast Jim OBrill, DriveChicago radio promises to deliver dynamic coverage of the automotive industry including new-vehicle reviews, in-depth interviews with industry experts, tips for vehicle maintenance and insight into new trends and technologies. All the while, we hope to have a little fun along the way.
  • is Chicagoland's largest local listing of new and used vehicles. In all, there are more than 120,000 new and pre- owned vehicles available for shoppers. In addition, provides expert reviews, shopping tips, and easy-to-use tools to help make consumer searches quick and easy.
  • Better Business Bureau - The CATA continues to enjoy a strong relationship with the Better Business Bureau office that serves Chicago and northern Illinois. One example of this relationship is the Advertising Review program which the CATA established with the BBB. With the assistance of the BBB, CATA members have a clear understanding of dealer advertising standards in Illinois. The BBB has worked hand in hand with the CATA in helping dealers with the Bureau's "Letter Grading" system, which rates businesses on their honesty and fairness to customers. Companies receive letter grades A+ through F, an update over the previous "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" ratings. A business must maintain a letter grade of B or higher to be eligible for accreditation, amongst multiple other factors. This system, the BBB reports, provides more specific information for businesses to find trustworthy suppliers and vendors, and to provide a more precise guide to improve operations. The letter grades and a company's accreditation status are displayed on the individual company profiles as well as in the BBB directory, which is all free and accessible at Dealerships and other businesses can update the information used to calculate their ratings by going to The information will remain confidential and is the basis of providing accurate Business Profiles under the new ratings system. Consumers increasingly rely on customer reviews. Research suggests that most customers now have more confidence in online reviews than they do with direct word-of-mouth recommendations. The BBB has recognized both the confidence that consumers now place in reviews and the challenges that they create for our accredited businesses. The BBB now makes it easier than ever to request a customer review from a brand that consumers trust. Our free mobile review app is a BBB accreditation benefit that allows you to request a review from any mobile device with 1-click. Your customer can also write your review and submit it with one click. Contact Steve Bernas, the president and CEO of the BBB's Chicago office, at for more information on how the BBB can assist your dealership in many ways.
  • Business Forms - The CATA has long provided some of the forms necessary to sell new and used vehicles at no charge, and will continue to do so. But at a time when all budgets are tight, including ours at the association, the delivery costs for those forms can no longer be borne by the CATA.