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701 dealers can remit funds easily: electronically

May 5, 2017
As a reminder, dealers with unionized technicians can remit contributions electronically to the fund office of Automobile Mechanics Local 701. Since the electronic method debuted a year ago, dealers who use it say it is simple and efficient. However, just 30 percent of eligible dealers are enrolled to participate.
The new ISSi-Remit system (Innovative Software Solutions, Inc.) accurately captures, manages and transfers remittance data electronically, allowing employers to submit reports and make payments online. The method eliminates duplicate entry of remittance data and saves time and money for both the employer and the 701 Fund.
Dealers who aren’t already using the electronic remittance process should contact Lisa Conner, (708) 588-8112, or Nicole Kerkstra, (708) 588-8111. They can provide dealers with a username, password and instruction manual. The manual also can be downloaded under the Employers tab at
The ISSi system is user-friendly, prompting the employer through each entry and maintaining running totals for the reporting template. Employers can upload payroll files; and dynamic tables give employers the flexibility to sort, search, and display information as needed.
Sue Jucius, who works at Shirey Cadillac, in Oak Lawn, said she remitted union contributions manually for 20 years before the dealership switched to electronic remittance last year.
"I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to be on (electronic remittance)," she said. Jucius added that if a dealership is experiencing cash-flow issues, the remittance can be done the day the funds are due, without concern of factoring the time it takes to mail the payment.
Diana Tobey, the office manager at Apple Chevrolet, in Tinley Park, said, "I’m a fan because it kind of organizes your life a little."
Tobey said electronic remittance improves accuracy because the software automatically adds sums for the dealer.
"It’s the way to go, I think," added Gina Nichols, who oversees payroll and human resources at Apple Chevrolet.